Zuid-Kennemerland National Park

In the dunes of the province of Noord-Holland, between IJmuiden and Zandvoort, lies Zuid-Kennemerland National Park which encompasses an area of 3,800 hectares. The beach, the dunes on limey soil, the stately country houses and dune woodlands are an oasis for inhabitants of the busy Randstad urban conglomeration. Differences in soil type, latitude, climate and groundwater level have produced a wide variety of flora and fauna. The visitor centre is housed in an industrial monument in Overveen. This building, a pump house built in 1898 for the Haarlem Waterworks, has been beautifully restored and is now called ‘Duincentrum De Zandwaaier’.

Park’s main features: Dunes, beaches and country estates
Special flora: Grass-of-parnassus, orchids, sea holly, spindle tree, seaside pansy, viper’s buglos, and hollowroot on the country estates
Special fauna: Natterjack, ringed plover, sand lizard, snails, nightingale, various species of bat
Recreational activities: Cycling, walking, riding, swimming, excursions
Area: 3,800 ha
Province: Noord-Holland
Managed by: Staatsbosbeheer, Natuurmonumenten and PWN, the regional water company
Visitor centre: Duincentrum De Zandwaaier
Tetterodeweg 27
2051 EG Overveen
Tel +31 (0)23 5411123


Website: Zuid-Kennemerland National Park

Visitor’s centre
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